writing consultancy

I have experience writing for organizational and business consultants as well as nonprofits, and I can assist with copy editing and editorial projects. Please contact me to discuss your project needs at laressa.dickey { at } gmail { dot } com.


Testimonials from clients:

“Laressa is self-directed in her work and can handle a wide range of projects. She asks great questions that not only clarify the assignment, but also helped me clarify my thinking. Her writing skills are excellent. Beyond that, she is someone you look forward to working with; she is helpful, thoughtful, efficient, and fun.”  –GBC, Organizational Consultant, US

“Laressa is a true business partner in a contemporary work world. Not easy to attain. I am a leadership consultant who has regular, specific and sometimes complex editing needs.I have never met Laressa in person. We took the time to establish a connection up front when we first started working together two or three years ago. It was important to have a partnership relationship with the person editing my work, not just a working relationship, and although most of our contact is about work, we enjoy enough knowledge of what is important to the other person, that I believe our work flows even more easily. Laressa is active in contracting up front about what the job is about, gets clear on the deadlines and what specifics are required. She helps to establish a set of customs we use to acknowledge work received and versions of the work. We touch base before and after the job to set expectations and then debrief on how successful we were and how we can work even better together next time. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Laressa’s integrity is beyond reproach. My material is often confidential, and I I know she protects our work in every capacity. I can honestly say that Laressa is one of my most valued business partners. I can’t say enough about her!” –MLN, Executive Coach, US

“Laressa has been writing and editing reports for us for several years. Her work is outstanding and she has been invaluable to our organization and to me. As a writer, Laressa is exceptionally creative and intuitive. She is able to integrate and summarize difficult ideas into meaningful and insightful concepts that are simply stated and easily understood. I truly value her and the work she does for us.” –Organizational Psychologist, US

“One of the many things I appreciate about Laressa is what a quick study she is. I can give her the bare bones of a sketchy writing assignment and she takes it, runs with it, and creates excellent work even in the first draft!”  –Organization Change Consultant, US





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