dance + performance

The Bewilderment Project (2015)
(photo credit: Antti Alonko)

A co-created performance project with Satu Palokangas and Julia Metzer-Traber, performed in 2015 at Lapsody Festival in Helsinki.

From Satu Palokangas: “[The Bewilderment Project] was a creative response to the sense of urgency that we collectively share, prompting us to provide a space for grief and loss around the extinction of diversity; be it species, plants, languages, spaces or places of origin.“

Lokal Global festival Bochum (2015)
(photo credit: Thorston   Schnorrbusch)
Mund (2014)
Konzept/Choreographie: Steffi Sembdner
Performance: Laressa Dickey, Barbara Berti, Jacques-André Dupont
Bühnen- und Lichtdesign: Cecilia Tselepidi
Sounddesign: Andrea Steves
Kostümdesign: Katrin Fürst

artistic research lab berlin / ‘body, trees & things’ open studio with paula kramer / collective/anonymous camera